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Introducing Janique Charles as Nala

Janique Charles who plays Nala in the London production reflects upon the process of embracing the courageous and strong character.

Introducing the Wardrobe Department

An amazingly talented team are responsible for maintaining more than 200 beautiful and intricate costumes in the show...including 22 hand-beaded corsets!

Bringing the sounds of the Serengeti to life

Taking inspiration from African tradition The Lion King features two percussionists on either side of the stage who bring the Serengeti to life using an array of instruments from all over the world.

Dance Class

See what happens at the weekly dance class where the cast of The Lion King are pushed to deliver the complex choreography to the best of their potential.

Explore London with the cast of Disney's The Lion King

With an international cast from all around the world, some of The Lion King's newest cast members explored what London has to offer.

Introducing the Masks and Puppets Department

With over 200 masks and puppets in the show, it takes a dedicated and skilled team to ensure these are maintained and ready for each performance.